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What Now? The Next Steps After You Post Bail

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The bail process is complex and, for many people, the questions don’t end after a bail bond is posted. While the immediate anxiety of being in jail is gone, the question becomes, “What comes next?”

After you’ve posted bail, it’s important to understand how to conduct yourself.

McAllen bail bondsman, Anzaldua Bail Bonds, wants to help the community understand the correct steps and procedures once bail has been posted. What takes place between release and your court date could be pivotal in how the entire legal process ends.

Read on to set yourself up for success, and keep Anzaldua Bail Bonds in mind when you think, “Where are bail bonds near me?”

Upon Release, Lay Low

After you have been released, one of the most important things you must do is avoid any more mistakes that could hurt your case in court. How you behave during your bail period will undoubtedly affect the trial process, whether that be for or against your favor.

Some measures you should take while you await your court date include:

  • Be Careful on Social MediaSocial media has become a major aspect of our lives, both public and private. Unfortunately, many individuals post about everything in their lives — including negative behaviors. The last thing you would want a court to see is a photo of you drunk after you’ve been charged with public intoxication, for example.

  • Watch Who You Associate WithSimilar to the last point, it’s important to protect your image and credibility when out on bail. One of the factors that goes along with this is to not associate with known criminals or other untrustworthy individuals.

  • Don’t Land Yourself Back in JailProbably the worst thing you could do while out on bail is get arrested for the same or another offense. Generally, the court will revoke your bond, and you will face additional charges when your court date comes. This means you not only have to build your case from prison but could also serve more time in the end.

If a McAllen bail bondsman has helped post your bail, you definitely don’t want to jeopardize your case as you will owe them an additional amount for any secondary charges.

Keep In Contact With the Necessary Parties

In addition to a fine, bail bonds represent an understanding between the defendant and the court. It serves as an agreement that the court can trust the defendant to follow the law and appear at their trial date. In return, the defendant does not have to wait in jail until their court date.

However, it’s critical to stay knowledgeable about your situation after you are released from jail, which is why you must keep in close contact with certain parties. Of course, you will need to keep in touch with the court in case anything changes. You’ll also want to be available for your attorney, whether it was someone who you hired or were appointed.

If you have worked with a family, friend, or bondsman to post bail, it’s vital to maintain contact with them, particularly the bondsman. If you disappear after you receive emergency bail bonds, the agent will be held responsible for the cost and may even pursue further legal action against you.

Work on Your Case

After you are freed from jail, you should simultaneously avoid bad behavior and collaborate with your attorney to build your case. While attorneys are certainly able to meet with their clients in prison, it’s much easier for all parties when both are free.

When you work with a lawyer, you should be completely honest with them and offer as many details as you possibly can. If you withhold information from your attorney or lie, they cannot properly defend you in court.

Bail bonds agencies near Hidalgo County Jail, like Anzaldua Bail Bonds, provide the opportunity to get all of your affairs in order and effectively cooperate with your legal counsel. Be sure to act in your and your family’s best interest when out on bail to set yourself up for the best outcome.

Emergency Bail Bonds Near Me

Though you have been released from jail after you post bond, it’s normal to still have questions about what your next move should be. That’s why the number one McAllen Bail Bondsman, Anzaldua Bail Bonds, offers consultations free of charge!

If “bail bonds near me” are what you need, then Anzaldua Bail Bonds near Hidalgo County Jail can get you the help and information you need!

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