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Discover and Understand the Different Types of Bail Bonds

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

If you or a loved one happens to make a mistake that results in legal issues, then the judge presiding over your case may set bail, which is a certain amount of money defendants must pay to be released from custody until their trial date.

Though most people understand the basics behind emergency bail bonds, they might not realize there are different types of bonds.

When you face charges in Texas, there are five potential bond agreements. McAllen bail bond service provider, Anzaldua Bail Bonds, wants to help you understand the different kinds of bail bonds that exist in Texas.

No one wants to have to search for “bail bonds near me,” but hopefully this guide will help you make the right decision if that happens one day.

Asset-Based Bonds

When you talk about finances, an “asset” is something valuable that can also settle debts; money is the easiest asset to work with. Another type of asset is property ownership, for example, residential or business properties are high-value properties.

Therefore, cash and property can both be used to cover an asset-based bail bond.

More specifically:

  • Cash BondsWith a cash bond, the defendant pays the total amount of the bail in legal tender. Once you attend your court date, the money is reimbursed to you.

  • Property BondThis type of agreement considers your home or business property equity as collateral, and the courts may even place a lien on the building. Generally, it takes more time to process a property bond.

Additionally, Texas courts typically demand a property bond to equal 150% of the original amount because of the greater processing time. For people who consider this, it’s usually easier to just seek the assistance of a licensed Hidalgo County bail bonds agency.

3rd-Party Bonds

For many defendants, they are able to gain the help of a third party for payment of their bond. McAllen bail bond service providers, such as Anzaldua Bail Bonds, are able to offer support with these types of bonds.

Here are examples of bonds in Texas that utilize a third party:

  • Surety BondAlong with cash bonds, surety bonds are the most common across the state. You pay a bail bondsman a percentage of the total bail (around 10-15%), and they post the entire bail. However, this payment is non-refundable. For people in difficult financial situations, this can be the best solution.

  • Attorney Bond While not every county in Texas allows this, sometimes a defendant’s attorney can post their bond. While not the case for everyone, some people are able to benefit from this if they have a highly trustworthy lawyer who is willing to put their funds on the line.

While it’s important to always consider every option, most people will want to go with the surety bond for the financial and other benefits.

Personal Recognizance Bonds

A “Personal Recognizance” bond lets a defendant go free without the need to make a payment whatsoever. This is the last kind of bond agreement that Texas courts may grant. Personal Recognizance bonds are usually granted when the accused isn’t considered dangerous or a flight risk.

Many factors are considered before a judge will grant this type of bond, such as:

  • Nature of the charges

  • Background and criminal record (if any)

  • Behavior in court during defendant’s first appearance

Those defendants without a history of violence or a lengthy criminal record are more likely to get this opportunity. Of course, financially, this is what everyone would want.

Get the Information You Need from Hidalgo County’s Best Bail Bondsman

In most situations, it’s best to understand what all of your options are, and the same is true with bail bonds. Allow McAllen’s number one bail bonds service, Anzaldua Bail Bonds, to help you understand what’s available. You can rest assured that one of our bondsmen is always on call no matter the time of day, so your questions will always get an answer.

When you need “bail bonds near me,” know what the different types are and what’s best for you with Anzaldua Bail Bonds near Hidalgo County Jail!

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