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Here’s What To Know Before You Call a Bail Bondsman

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

If you were at home and the lights began to flicker and go dark, your first thought would most likely be to check the bulbs and your home’s circuit breaker. You probably won’t be able to tell what’s wrong on your own, so you decide to reach out to an electrician.

However, before you call one, it’s common to do some research to ensure you call the right people with the right info.

When you need emergency bail bonds near you, you need to be aware of a few things before you reach out to a bail bondsman. Someone who’s prepared will definitely have an easier time than someone who isn’t.

Anzaldua Bail Bonds in Edinburg near Hidalgo County Jail is here to explain everything you should know before you contact a bail bondsman. Don’t worry – we’ve got all the information you need right here!

There Are Other Options Besides Cash Bail

One of the most important things you should realize is that a cash payment isn’t always a defendant’s only choice.

Depending on the circumstances, someone may have the option to use non-cash assets as a form of collateral, which can include:

  • real estate or property in general

  • bank accounts

  • stocks, bonds, or other financial investments

Additionally, there are some instances where a defendant does not have to pay at all; this is known as personal recognizance bonds. These types of bonds allow someone who is not considered a danger to the community or flight risk to be released before their trial.

Keep in mind that you should never assume a court will grant a personal recognizance bond or that you can automatically substitute assets for cash.

Specific Details of Bail Money and Bond Fees

Even if you weren’t dealing with bail bonds, financial details can be complex and incredibly confusing. Here are some of the key details that surround the topics of bail and bond:

  • Each state regulates bond fees – Did you know that some states have completely outlawed commercial bail bondsmen? This is because bail bonds and bond fees are regulated at a state level. The states that allow bail bond agencies to operate require them to be fully licensed and must keep track of a variety of laws to legally operate.

  • Bail bonds are loans – One of the aspects of bonds you should be aware of is that it’s a promise between you and the court. You pledge to the judge that you will return for your court date, and when you do, the court honors the agreement by returning your bond money. If you have to work out a deal with a bondsman, be aware that this is a load you must pay off.

  • It’s against the law for bail to be excessive – When you think critically about how bail works, you may realize that high bail fees would benefit wealthy people. At the same time, people without much money would have limited to no options. The American justice system has therefore decreed that bail fees may not be “excessive.” Bail agencies are also unable to overcharge you for their services.

Be Ready To Take Responsibility for Your Loved One

Something you absolutely need to know and should not take lightly is the fact that you take responsibility for your loved one if you decide to hire a bondsman to bail them out.

There are huge financial risks that come with the bail bonds process, and as much as you care about someone, you need to be aware of these realities. If the defendant flees, causes more trouble, or is arrested again, you will be held responsible for any additional court fees and could face other financial damages.

A bail bondsman is well within their right to do everything possible to get their money back. “Bail jumping” is a dangerous behavior and, frankly, a dumb decision for someone out on bail to make. You will have to cover any costs that a bondsman endures when they seek to bring your loved one back.

Basically, only bail someone out if you trust them with your own well-being.

Anzaldua Bail Bonds Across From the Hidalgo Jail Is Waiting for Your Call!

We understand that there are a lot of things you should know before you call a bondsman, but rest assured that the agents at Anzaldua Bail Bonds are ready and willing to answer any question you may have. Emergency bail bonds near you are what we specialize in!

Our licensed bail bondsmen at Anzaldua Bail Bonds near Hidalgo County Jail can help explain the details of any bond-related question – call us today to learn more!

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