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Texas Crimes and Their Common Bail Amounts

When the worst comes to pass and your loved one is behind bars, South Texas residents need reliable information about bail bonds in Hidalgo County. In particular, people need to know how these emergency bail bonds will affect them financially.

How does Texas determine general bail amounts for those accused of breaking the law?

Anzaldua Bail Bonds, across from Hidalgo County Jail, understands how important some details are when it comes to how bail is determined in your case. Let’s discuss some common bail totals in the state of Texas, what goes into them, and what could make them worse.

Is Bail Always Available?

First of all, it’s important to advise the public that not everyone will be entitled to bail due to a number of factors.

If a defendant is accused of a federal crime, such as mail fraud, or the act involves travel across state lines, then the defendant is NOT eligible for bail. Aside from those crimes, however, anyone not accused of capital charges is entitled to bail in Texas.

The judge is the one who will ultimately decide if someone can be granted release on a bail bond. It’s possible a judge will go easy on you and allow you to be released on your own “Personal Recognizance.” In these cases, a defendant does not have to pay to go free, based on the circumstances of the case.

On the other side of the coin, those additional circumstances could cause the judge to revoke your opportunity for bail.

What Affects the Total Cost of Bail?

Next, we’ll cover what factors affect the total cost of someone’s bail, and how the state decides bail amounts for common crimes.

As previously mentioned, some defendants are granted a personal recognizance bond, which means they don’t have to pay the courts a cent. These individuals are generally not deemed a flight risk or threat to their community.

Most people, however, will likely have some amount of bond set, and the amount depends on the crime. People charged with felonies will have to pay a much higher amount than someone accused of a misdemeanor, for example.

You should keep in mind that the following factors will increase the bail amount:

  • poor criminal history

  • higher risk of harm to the community or likely to flee

  • a bad reputation in general

Finally, if someone is charged with multiple crimes, then the defendant must pay each crime’s bail to be released — not just one.

Penalties and Costs for More Severe Charges

While there are far too many offenses to cover in-depth, we’ll explore the more severe crimes and what bail amounts someone can expect to face if accused of one.

Some examples include:

  • Armed Robbery – Because there’s a firearm involved, and therefore the potential for increased harm to someone, this type of theft is treated much more seriously. Bail can be upwards of $500,000 for this offense.

  • Sexual Offenses – For crimes that involve some form of sexual abuse, the exact type and harshness of the act will determine the bail. These bail amounts usually range between $50,000 to $500,000.

  • Drug Crimes – While not quite as serious as the cases above, offenses like narcotics possession and sale can result in fairly high bonds, sometimes as much as $100,000.

  • Homicide – When someone is accused of being responsible for another person’s death, the bail could likely total above one million dollars and, in some cases, they may not have any chance for bail.

Anzaldua Bail Bonds in Edinburg – We Have the Bail Bond Info You Need

If you or a close friend or family member are accused of a crime in Texas, you’ll now have a better idea of what to expect in terms of bail totals. Anzaldua Bail Bonds in Edinburg, Texas, across from the Hidalgo County Jail, has the information you need and licensed bondsmen who can help!

While it can be confusing, common bail amounts in Texas make sense once you understand the details behind them. Remember to call Anzaldua Bail Bonds near Hidalgo County Jail in Edinburg when you need emergency bail bonds!

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