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The Myths Surrounding Bail Bonds Explained

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The average American has likely heard about bail bonds but doesn’t know all the facts. Unfortunately, the general understanding of bail bonds and bail bondsmen contains some myths and misinformation that can01 lead people to make the wrong decisions. Anzaldua Bail Bonds, across from Hidalgo County Jail, is here to clarify the most common myths that surround both bail bonds and bail agents. We understand that the bail bonds process can be intimidating, and one of the best ways to beat anxiety is to better understand your situation. Don’t let a bad situation become worse due to bad or a lack of information! What Is Bail, Anyway? It’s impossible to debunk myths if you don’t understand the general topic at hand. Bail is the amount of money that a defendant can pay to be released from custody prior to their official trial date. Each crime has its own “recommended” bail set by a bail schedule, but it’s ultimately up to a judge to determine the actual amount. Bond refers to the actual agreement made between the defendant and the court upon payment of bail. A bond is a promise that you will act in good faith, which shows the court that your release won’t pose a threat to the community or impede the legal proceedings. If someone cannot afford their bail, then a bail bonds agency can step in and pay the full amount for a smaller, though non-refundable, premium.

Bail Bond Myths Debunked Now that we’ve covered the basics behind bail bonds, let’s get into some of the most common bail bond myths and explain why they’re so misleading. Here are a few of the bail bond industry’s most common misconceptions:

  • You must pay the entire amount upfront in cash to post bail Despite what many people believe, you do NOT have to pay the entire amount up front or even in cash. You have the option to utilize the services of a bail bonds agency who only require you to pay a fraction of the total. Plus, defendants may put up collateral such as property as opposed to cash! Remember, you do not get any money refunded if you use a bail bondsman. Some people are even released on a personal recognizance bond, which means they don’t have to pay at all!

  • Everyone automatically qualifies for bailSimilar to the total amount that you have to pay to post bail, whether or not someone even qualifies for bail is ultimately up to the court. In Texas, anyone who is NOT accused of committing a capital crime is generally granted bail. Repeat offenders or those accused of severe crimes, like murder, may be kept in custody as a safety measure for the public.

  • You’re free to do as you please Just because you are allowed to go free before your court date does NOT mean you can behave however you wish. Of course, you should not put yourself in legal jeopardy again, but your bail may also come with special conditions such as GPS monitoring or “Do Not Contact” orders. Be sure you fully understand the specific conditions of your bond and behave accordingly.

The Truth About Bail Bondsmen In addition to bail bonds, there are more than a few myths involving the bail bondsmen themselves that, similar to the above examples, aren’t based in fact. If you decide to work with a bail bondsman, you should know the facts and keep in mind that the following isn’t true:

  • Bail bondsmen set their own feesWhen people are put in a bad situation, such as being arrested, they often fear that someone may take advantage of their situation, in this case, the bondsman. Rest assured, reputable bond agencies like Anzaldua adhere to the fees and guidelines set forth by Texas state law.

  • Bail bond agencies set criminals free Sometimes, people accuse bail bond agencies of being responsible for the release of “dangerous criminals.” The truth is that the court systems have a thorough and proven method when it comes to who is granted bail. If someone has been given the option to post bail at all, it means that the courts have deemed them safe enough for release regardless of the eventual outcome of the court case.

  • Bail bondsmen aren’t trustworthyJust like any other business or industry, any bail bonds agency that wants to continue to operate must follow the law. Bail is a constitutional right, therefore, a reputable bail bonds firm simply looks to make sure an individual is entitled to their right in the case they can’t afford it.

Get the Facts From Anzaldua Bail Bonds Across From Hidalgo County Jail As you can see, there are several false beliefs surrounding bail bonds and bail bond agencies, but that’s no reason to avoid their help! Anzaldua Bail Bonds in Edinburg, Texas, near the Hidalgo County Jail, has licensed bondsmen in the South Texas area ready to disprove all myths and answer any questions you may have. Don’t let myths or misinformation distract you from getting the help you need! Contact Anzaldua Bail Bonds in Edinburg, Texas, for all the information, help, and emergency bail bonds you or your loved one needs.

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